NFL Star's Brother Charged With Murder After Shooting Youth Football Coach DURING GAME!

The brother of an NFL star is accused of shooting a young football coach during a game.

The sister of a former NFL star killed herself after her youth football coach was killed

NFL Star's Brother Charged With Murder After Shooting Youth Football Coach DURING GAME!

According to the Lancaster Police Department , shots were fired around 9:00 p.m. Saturday after an altercation between opposing coaches at a youth football game in Dallas, Texas. The dispute started with the referee's call, but quickly turned into a united fight over the main issue. Mentor Yakub Talib shot his teacher Mike Hickmon several times in front of everyone in the square . Talib reportedly fled the area with a gun. Paramedics transported Hickmon to a medical clinic where he was treated for his injuries.

How does a person, especially a mentor, need equipment in youth sports? ! Just horrible...

If you think that the name Talib seems natural in the world of football, then it is not at all. The alleged shooter's sister is NFL star and former Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib .

Jacob seems ready to accept the hard, cold truth. He turned himself in on Monday after his family's attorney died and now faces charges of first-degree murder. However, according to his legal advisor, Clark Birdsall, surrendering does not mean admitting guilt. The lawyer told PEOPLE:

His version of history. amazing…

Jacob was awaiting trial and facing other unrelated charges. He wasn't even allowed to own a gun, let alone give it to his children.

The suspect has not yet submitted a statement. He is now in police custody and is due to have his most memorable hearing on Monday night. The update isn't coming yet.

Mike was a well-liked man in the community and a role model for many young people who learned from him. Hickman's football coach, Mike Freeman, described the slain coach as "a wonderful father, a wonderful man," and then hinted at how he treated his son.

the simply disgusting Freeman also feels "stuck" on how to explain the situation to the teenagers who went to the game that night and witnessed the brutality. About 80 kids played that night, according to WFAA.

Agib also spoke out against the loss of his sibling to the police and the families and colleagues of those who lost loved ones. A rep for the former cornerback confirmed to TMZ that he attended the game. A representative said NFL Alumni was "saddened and heartbroken for these tragic victims" and extended its "condolences" to the Hickmon family .
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