For what reason did Conte and Tuchel conflict in Chelsea versus Tottenham draw?

Why did Conte and Tuchel collide in the match between "Chelsea" and "Tottenham"? The red cards and the director's narrative made sense

Chelsea and Tottenham produced a lot in Sunday's 2-2 draw in the Premier League, but it seems that the best performance came from their managers.

While the Blues and Tottenham continued to contribute with Harry Kane leveling in the dying seconds,Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte were at the center of post-match discussions.

Chelsea versus Tottenham

The two supervisors faced each other without participation for most of the match, as both tried to celebrate in front of the others when their group scored a goal.

Tuchel ran wide as Rhys James put Chelsea ahead late, but Conte eventually got the winner thanks to the kindness of Kane, who headed in after missing.

Disappointment certainly boiled over after creative license was ruined, with stewards showing red cards after an episode that will go down in fiction from the Premier League.

Why were Conte and Tuchel excluded?

As usual after the match, Conte and Tuchel joined full-time, but the exchange soon turned into something else. Neither seemed willing to let go of the other's hand as Conte turned angrily to challenge Tuchel.

The two coaches clashed momentarily and had to be isolated, training staff and players, before referee Anthony Taylor walked over and showed them red cards.

Although Sunday's break was minimal, it would mean that both will not be involved in the upcoming matches.

Tottenham will play Wolverhampton Wanderers on August 20 and Chelsea will play Leeds on August 21.

Why did Conte and Tuchel collide?

An exciting London derby on and off the pitch, with Conte and Tuchel clearly aiming for gloating privileges.

The two managers had clashed before after Spurs drew 1-1, with Conte backing up Tuchel, who approached the Spurs manager.

Tuchel then saw Chelsea's next goal offside, perhaps giving Conte more incentive to leave when Spurs made a last-minute adjustment.

Speaking after the match, Tuchel suggested he was upset Conte didn't look at him when they shook hands, but immediately insisted there were no hard feelings between them.

"I thought when we shook hands, they looked into each other's eyes, he had an alternative assessment, " Tuchel told Sky Sports.

"It's personal, football. We don't need to warm up. You have deep mentors on the sidelines and that's it.

"If we don't meet, we will meet. And if there's no chance, then no, no. Well, guys, it's between two rivals and nothing terrible happened."

Tuchel later added to BBC Sport at the time: “Don't worry [with Conte], I feel like it was a fair fight for him and a fair fight for me.

“We don't meet, we don't fight, we fight for our groups, and with me around, I definitely have nothing to worry about.

"I was surprised because we both got red cards for that."

The Count himself hoped to justify what had happened and did not allow himself to be drawn into Tuchel's statements about the handshakes with the journalists.

The scoreboard against Tuchel: history and history without limits

The two managers did not meet recently until 2022, but they met several times over a period of about eight months.

Tuchel dominated their groups, winning their first three games followed by a thrilling 2-2 draw.

Prior to this match, Conte's teams had not scored a single goal against Tuchel's teams.

Spurs bounced back from a deficit, thus in great numbers for Conte, who will ultimately be confident of victory over Tuchel if their groups collide.

The spikes have been alerted to the presence of Chelsea in the Premier League on February 25, 2023, but they could face cup competition before that date.

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August 14, 2022 Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Premier league
January 23, 2022 Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham Premier league
January 12, 2022 Tottenham 0:1 Chelsea Carabao Cup
January 5, 2022 Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham Carabao Cup
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