Boris Johnson Steps Down, Ukraine Sad

 Head of state Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky say a cozy bye-bye to Boris Johnson that sent his resignation on Thursday.

Zelensky said Johnson's separation distressed all Ukrainians, while sharing hope that Kiev and London will remain solid friends and allies after his separation.

"Friends of Boris Johnson, all Ukrainians are distressed by the information of the resignation of the leader of the Conservative Party. We truly thanks for the crucial and uncompromising assistance of the first days of the battle. Unique many thanks for your management in safeguarding Ukraine's rate of passions in the global sector," Zelensky said in an article on social media, sharing an image he took with Johnson throughout his current visit to Kiev.

"We have no question that the UK support will be maintained. We'll forever remain real friends and solid allies," Zelensky included Russia TodayFriday (8/7/2022).

Johnson is among Kiev's most ardent fans since Moscow released its military procedure in Ukraine in late February.

While London had been just one of Kiev's main arms vendors before the problem, it greatly increased arms shipments in the middle of hostilities, pledging nearly £2.3 billion in military aid to the nation. The British head of state also turned into one of the first Western leaders to visit Kiev in April.

Johnson, that has worked as Britain's head of state since July 2019, announced his resignation on Thursday as his federal government remains in complete turmoil, with greater than 50 elderly authorities, consisting of assistants and preachers, leaving their articles.

His abrupt fall came quickly after Johnson endured a no-confidence vote in Parliament last month.

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